Hey! I’m Brenda.

I’ve been a teacher of life changing  mind & body principles for over fifteen years, and have helped over 400,ooo women to tap into the gifts of health & happiness.  My goal is to share what I’ve learned, and help fellow travelers like you with effective body, mind, and spirit tools.  One way I’m doing that is with my weekly newsletter, Elevate. Every week, Elevate gives you a powerful Mind Practice, Body Practice, & Spiritual Insight to lift you up. Click here to learn more and sign up.

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If You Want to Enjoy Your Life…

Life Is Meant to Be Enjoyed!  And my job is to help you in the best ways I know how. Healthy Eating, Healthy Thinking, & Healthy Movement. These three things will bring light into your life. These three things will change the way you see yourself and the world. These three things are solid ground to build your life on. These, my friend, are the ultimate trifecta.

You can start Right This Second to live in a way that feels good. You needn’t a single penny. All you need is to make the choice. How exciting it is to make a choice to bring more joy into your life! That’s all this is. It’s a choice to be more joyful, and to give yourself the gift of living a life you truly enjoy.

Healthy Eating, Movement, and  Thinking have brought profound light into my life. This way of living has carried me through the peaks and valleys of my life. This way of living is a gift I give to myself, and a gift I hope to share with you, in any way I can. 

Some more details about me….

 Here are some personal accomplishments I’m proud of:

-Developed a meditation practice that changed my mind & life
-Eliminated depression through food, lifestyle, mental, and spiritual practices
-Developed a daily yoga practice that grounded me and trained my body & brain to be tranquil
-Became an early riser after spending my entire adult life as a night owl
-Unplugged completely from TV, movies, news, social media and any non-nutritive mental input. I exchanged that time for things my soul wanted to do.
-Started living my life intentionally, with aim and focus. This is an ongoing process, not perfect, but I’m doing this more now than ever before.

These things seemed like impossible pipe dreams to me for a long time. But they are possible, and they are the things  that have changed my life. More than any “successes” I’ve had, more than any possessions money could buy.

These things are possible for every person. If you have anything you want to change in your life, know that you absolutely can. I know it in my bones. And if anything I share helps you change something, I have done my job!

And lastly, here are some of my beliefs. Feel free to adopt these for yourself!

1. Basic healthy cooking is magic for your life. And it’s simple. Here’s everything you need to know.
2. Your body is your friend. It supports you, and give you the ability to do what you love. Love your body.
3. Meditation is the ultimate medicine. For Anything. Here’s a guided meditation that I love. 
4. Planning is a source of freedom, and leads to greater awareness in your life. Here’s my free planner.
5. Getting in touch with your eternal self is the answer you seek. It’s the answer we all seek. That feeling of having made it is available right now. You’ve made it. You’ve arrived. Allow the joy of knowing this!

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