The Resource Library

So glad you’re here! Dig in to these resources, and bookmark this page so you have easy access to it forever. 

This is the first gym based workout plan for 2023. Take before and afters…you’ll be surprised what changes can happen after even just one month! Expect to sweat, work hard, and get phenomenal results. 

This Healthy Kitchen Total Makeover Guide is a complete checklist for organizing your fridge, pantry, and cabinets. 

This will streamline your health and fat loss progress!

I designed this after years of struggling to find a planner that hit all the key aspects of Dream Life Creation. It features prompts from the great teachers and sages, as well as an intuitive monthly, weekly, and daily plan & review page. 

AIP is Autoimmune Protocol or Anti-Inflammatory Protocol. This healing way of eating is great for everyone, especially those with autoimmunity. AIP is backed by copious amounts of science, and a growing number of success stories. 

This tracker sheet was inspired by the work of Dr. Terry Wahls. Her protocol is AIP, with the added caveat of eating nine servings of vegetables per day: 3 Servings of Greens, 3 Servings of Colored Produce, & 3 Servings of Cruciferous Vegetables.

Trader Joe’s is a phenomenal place to get healthy food on a budget. They’ve added spectacular, rare-find items over the past few years. I’ve put my faves right in this list. Keep an eye out for the ★ icon. I’ve used that to mark everything that is an excellent bargain or an uber special find. 

This contract is a commitment to honoring yourself, and living a life that makes feels good. When you commit to living your life authentically, in a way that feels good to your soul, your choices and actions start to change for the better. It is, perhaps, one of the most important commitments one can make.

Reflecting on the things you want to be, do, and have is a valuable way to refocus. When you go beyond the first five things that come to mind, you’ll start to reach the deeper, truer answers. Things like “I want to be loving” and “I want to have peace”. The most important rule of the exercise, don’t think. Just write!

Dr. David Hawkins’s book Letting Go is one of the greatest works of literature for self realization. Letting go is the act of surrendering. You can let go of any worry, emotion, conflict, and pattern. You can let go of anything that is holding you back. Be willing to let it go, and use this list to make it official. 

A mini E-book covering the essentials of getting out of a rut. The big surprise is that a rut is actually a great sign that you’re going through a spiritual growth spurt. This guide will take you through what to do with this growth, and how to channel it into your next phase. 

The perfect assessment tool for those who are visually inclined, the Wheel of Life has been around for decades. It doesn’t resonate with everyone, but it can be a very powerful way of getting clarity on what areas of life need improvement.

Flip life on its head by cultivating the “Things I Love” habit. When you focus on things you love, your state changes. The more you do this, the easier it is  to maintain a state of joy and peace. When you find yourself complaining, replace your complaint with thoughts of things you love. 

Aligning your actions with your values is a formula for miracles. It elevates your state, and opens the door for more of what you want. Fill out this activities inventory, and start getting rid of the parts of your day that aren’t a solid YES! 

Good things are happening to you every minute of every day. We are swimming in a sea of spectacular gifts. Start taking stock of the good things that happen to you, and you’ll train your brain to notice them more! The quality of your life is 100% about the story you tell yourself about it.

 Your brain is a super computer, seeking to solve problems and answer questions. Using the right questions can shifts our minds to expansive, positive, uplifted ways of thinking. If you ask a question and it makes you feel more open and expansive, you’re on the right track.