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The School of Transformation is an environment that nurtures health, well-being, and deep Self care.  We take care of our bodies, minds, & spirits so we can shine our light for those we love. We’re all here to support one another, and lift each other up on our journeys.

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Each week, you’ll get supportive live sessions. From answering your questions, to offering live one-on-ones, each session is a unique & rich experience!

Monthly Challenges

Monthly challenges are held on a regular basis to help you learn & build new healthy habits. If you struggle with sticking to new things, this is the perfect place for you. Some examples are  “10 Day Meditation Challenge” & “One Month Grain-Free Challenge” & More

Special Events

Multi-Day events are an important and unique part of the school. These occur multiple times per year, and feature things like “Three Day Virtual Retreat” and “Weekend Reset” 

It’s a way to push outside your limits, while sharing your experience with others.

Monthly Clarity Sessions

Say goodbye to overwhelm & frustration. The monthly clarity session walks you through decluttering your mind, and refocusing on what truly matters to you. 

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