The Healing Power of Deep Listening

If you begin deep listening, your entire life will change. Deep listening solves every problem you have. It cleans up your messes, internally and externally. It strips away the old and lets in the new. It guides you to the perfect action at the perfect time.

So many people take action all day, but never take the time to listen. Action without listening is like painting with a blindfold.

If you neglect to listen, you’ll miss the most important parts of your life. But when you begin to listen, the most important parts of life begin to take shape. Life stops feeling “busy” and starts feeling harmonious. 

Listening is the simple act of paying attention and soaking in what is happening inside of you, and outside of you. You can listen to silence, as odd as that sounds. In fact, deep listening doesn’t require any sound at all.

You can “listen” to sensations in your body, or to another person talking. You can listen to nature, or to the profound inner stillness of meditation. You can listen to an emotion, or to warm water in a bath. There is no limit to what you can listen to, because life is infinite. 

When you forget to listen, you feel like something is missing, because it is! The natural process of listening is critical to nourishing your entire life. It frees you of the mental clutter and emotional energies that need shedding. When you don’t take time to listen, life feels stressful. You lose your focus, and you become unsure about where to place your efforts. Your emotional well being suffers. And your health may suffer too.

The good news is that you can start to listen today, right now, and notice immediate benefits…

How to Listen

 In this context, listening doesn’t involve consuming. In our modern era, many people are consuming information constantly. That’s not the type of listening I’m referring to. 

Listening is the opposite of consuming. Listening is the practice of being aware of what’s truly happening. Set aside some time each day to just listen. The more you do this, the more you’ll want to do this. At first it might feel a little uncomfortable, but you’ll notice a feeling of peace start to take hold after some days of deep listening. 

  • Start a Mental Diet. Listening is the practice of being aware of what’s truly happening. When your mind is clear, listening is more enjoyable. A mental diet and listening go hand in hand. If you need help starting a mental diet, take my 30 Day Mental Diet Challenge. The more you do this, the more you’ll want to do this. At first it might feel a little uncomfortable, but you’ll notice a feeling of peace start to take hold after some days of deep listening.
  • Be Here Now. Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, be as present as possible. Bring your senses to everything you’re doing. Smell the soap you wash your hands with. Feel your feet on the ground as you walk.
  • Notice sensations in your body. Sensations and emotions get lighter and brighter the more you listen to them. Listening to emotions and sensations is just noticing them, feeling them, and not having an opinion about them.
  • Set aside some time each day. Listening doesn’t necessarily require meditation. It only requires that you do it. So pick a time each day to listen.

Deep listening requires only one step. Be aware. That’s it. 

You’re not listening with only your ears. You’re listening with your entire body, and you’re listening to whatever is most prominent in the present moment. This can be an active meditation practice. Or this can be something you do throughout the day. 

Listen to Your Body

Another important part of deep listening is to listen to your body. 

Your body is talking to you all day. Nobody will be able to give you better advice than your body. The body says things like “I need rest.” Or “I’m afraid. Let’s be quiet for awhile.” Or “It’d be better if we swim instead of run.” It will tell you all kinds of fantastic things. 

When you listen deeply, you’ll start to understand the language of your body. And you’ll start to build a rapport with your body, and then, you’ll start to live in harmony with your body. 

  • Listen to your physical sensations. How does your body feel? Do you have aches or pains that need attention? 
  • Listen to your emotions. Listening to your emotional bodies keeps your inner house clean. Listening and feeling your emotions helps them to pass through you. It helps prevent stuck, stagnant, painful energies. 
  • Listen to your organs. How is your digestion? Is your body asking for different kinds of food? Are there any bad habits that your body’s organs are talking to you about?
  • Listen to the infinite within you. The infinite aspect of you is always available. This is a healing reservoir that you can visit daily to foster deep listening. 
  • Move your body. Whether it’s yoga, or riding a bike, if you just start moving, you’ll develop a deeper connection with your body.

What to Expect

Think of a time when a person listened to you so deeply, that you felt truly seen and heard. That is what you can expect.

And I ask you, sincerely, is there a greater gift you can give yourself than that feeling?

 Much Love,


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