Agility Shred Workout

Agility ladder workouts are fantastic for fat loss and cardio. They’re also SO MUCH fun. In today’s workout, I used the agility ladder to keep things interesting between my sets. This workout is a full body day, with some equipment.

Equipment Used

  • SKLZ Agility Ladder
  • 25lb Kettlebell
  • Set of 13lb Kettlebells
  • Resistance band
  • Set of 5lb ankle weights
  • A glute loop

I keep a milk crate in the trunk of my car, and toss my equipment in there on beautiful days. A fun workout outside, during a beautiful day is my absolute favorite thing to do in the entire world. You just can’t beat the feeling of movement under the sun. It is so energizing and balancing.

If you can’t get outside, you could always bring your agility ladder to the gym and do this entire workout in the empty studios when no classes are in session! You can also clear away some furniture and try it indoors if you have the space.

In the video, I mentioned the books Training for Speed, Agility, & Quickness. All the volumes from that series of books are incredible, and come with enough agility ladder drills to last you years. There’s also plenty of general track and field stuff covered in them too.

Workout Breakdown

Giant Set 1 – Agility drill > Kettlebell swings > Shoulder pushups 2X

Giant Set 2 – Agility drill > Kettlebell squat > Bent over rows 2X

Giant Set 3 – Agility drill > Pass under lunges > Glute Bridges 2X

Giant Set 4 – Agility drill > 1 Leg deadlift > Same leg kickback > Pushups 2X

Giant Set 5 – Agility drill > Lateral swings > Squat press 2X

Finishing movements – Kickbacks, 15 each leg. Planks. 2X

Ending with Biceps curl > Tricep overhead extensions 1X

3 Minute Yoga Cooldown.

I hope you love this workout as much as I did! I had an absolute blast, and felt supercharged for the entire rest of the day!

Much Love,


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