10 Daily Disciplines to Improve Your Life

I just posted a video listing 10 Daily Disciplines I practice. It’s filled with important tools and tips that will help you improve your own life. 

We live in a society that’s obsessed with habits, productivity, and success. Yet discipline gets left out of the conversation. 

But here’s the truth. Discipline is the secret ingredient to a life well lived. 

Discipline Polishes The Diamond

Disciplines are hard, and you become better as a result. It’s like adding facets to a diamond. You are the diamond, and your disciplines polish and shape you. 

Discipline is Spiritual

Discipline is actually a spiritual practice. It’s the practice of devotion to a greater purpose. It’s also relying on a higher power to carry you beyond your ego. 

There will be many days when your ego doesn’t want to practice your disciplines. Those are the days when we can lean into the eternal part of ourselves. Notice the resistance, sit still with it, and then take a tiny action towards your discipline anyway. 

Discipline Makes Life Easier 

  • Life is hard. But we have a choice on the type of hard we face. 
  • It’s hard to eat healthy, but it’s harder to have health problems.
  • t’s hard to meditate, but it’s harder to suffer with anxiety  & stress
  • It’s hard to pursue our goals, but it’s harder to live a life that isn’t authentic

We can take the “easy” way, and walk ourselves into the difficult valleys of life. OR we can take the harder path and head towards life’s peaks.

In today’s video, I share with you 10 disciplines I’ve adopted over the years. These 10 disciplines are a blessing to me. These disciplines  have changed who I am as a person. These disciplines have shed layers of my limitations. These disciplines have made my life SO. MUCH. EASIER. 

You might enjoy taking some time to choose a discipline to master this month. Let your soul tell you what you need, and then surrender yourself to that discipline each day. This is a beautiful path, and you’re worth the effort. 


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