Overcoming Overeating
With Emotional Releasing

I’ve hosted multiple Overcoming Overeating workshops in my private community, The School of Transformation. They were loved by everyone who took them, and many participants had major breakthroughs by attending. 

Yesterday I posted one of these full workshops for free on YouTube. If you struggle with overeating, this is something you won’t want to miss. 


Most people think overeating is a matter of willpower. The truth is, overeating has very little to do with willpower, and almost everything to do with your emotions. 

Overeating Facts

  • Overeating has very little to do with willpower
  • Overeating has almost everything to do with your emotions
  • You can 100% release the habit of overeating. I don’t care how long you’ve been overeating. You can change it in an instant. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to Overcome Overeating, and heal the emotional components that trigger it. There’s a very good chance you could be free of overeating as soon as today with the tools from this free workshop.

And if you know a friend or family member who struggles with overeating, please share this workshop with them. 



P.S. My community, The School of Transformation, is full of events like this to help you live a life you love, and start feeling your best. Join today to Transform into Your Best Self, while living your Best Life 🥳


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