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Hi! I'm Brenda

I’ve been a teacher of nutrition and fitness for over fifteen years, and have helped over 400,000 women to lose weight and feel great.

My new goal is to help 1 Million Women to transform in body, mind, & Spirit. 

Life is too short to do anything less than follow your heart. The world needs people dedicated to the path of spiritual and personal growth.

I created The School of Transformation to help women like you live a life you love.

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Life Makeover Class

A class designed to help you break through your ruts and experience a total transformation in every area of your life.

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Custom Dream Life Planner

Get focused on what matters and make the most of your day with this custom planner.

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My work is focused on all things body, mind, & spirit.  My former internet persona “LeanSecrets” focused primarily on healthy and fitness. During a seven year hiatus from the internet, I branched out from a focus on fitness, and began studying body, mind, & spirit. 

In addition to fat loss, I love teaching about healing with food. After experiencing remission from alopecia areata and lupus through diet, I’m an avid supporter of the AIP diet. I’m also a huge proponent (and teacher) of yoga.

I have an entire course for the AIP Diet called Healing With Food. This course is full of practical, delicious recipes so you can start your healing journey, and eat ice-cream while you do 😝.

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And if you want to attain effortless fat loss, and get healthier as you age (seriously!), you’ll love The Healing With Food Course. 

Don’t worry, it’s full of delicious meals like beef tacos & healthy pasta!

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What I’ve come to learn is that all of life is spiritual. Spiritual connection is the link that many of us are missing. So, my most recent work could be termed “practical spirituality”. Basically, I talk about spiritual principles that will make your life better. 

I’ve have an entire course dedicated to body, mind, & spirit harmony called The Total Transformation Program. This course is an immersive that takes you through spiritual and mental practices to help you become Your Highest Self.

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To start feeling incredible, and living life as your Best Self, start the Total Transformation Program

Total Transformation will help you to transform and your Body, Mind, & Spirit in a radical way. Warning. Will cause breakthroughs!

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The mind and body are one unit. If you manage the mind, your body will also follow suit, and be healthier by default.

I’ve  had the great honor of learning from incredible teachers about the workings of the mind. I studied with trauma expert Dr. Peter Levine, anxiety expert Dr. Scott Lyons, and meditation therapist Dr. Richard Miller, amongst others. 

The posts I write and videos I make are inspired heavily by the teachers I’ve learned from, as well as from my own personal experiences. I’ve successfully healed clinical depression and anxiety, as well as worked through my personal traumas. Healing is possible for anyone. Here are some articles to get you started.


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And if you’re ready to feel calm, relaxed, and tranquil, I created this free meditation course for you. 

It contains 7 daily practices, plus an extended yoga nidra practice to help you get deep rest, and balance your nervous system.

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I opened a community called The School of Transformation in 2023. This gives full-access to over nine courses that will transform you life, and improve your body, mind, & spirit. 

There are weekly group coaching sessions, month-long programs, and live group coaching. You can learn more about this incredible community HERE

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  • Get healthier in body, mind, and spirit
  • Make your dream life a reality
  • Do more of what matters to you
  • Break free from unhealthy patterns

When you join The School of Transformation, you get access to over $4k of value each month. That includes full access to the course catalog of over 9 courses, live weekly sessions, group coaching, and a private community of incredible women just like you!

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