Hi! I’m Brenda. 

I’ve been a teacher of nutrition and fitness for over fifteen years, and have helped over 400,000 women to lose weight and feel great.

My new goal is to help 1 Million Wome to Take Care of Themselves. 

I created the Self Care Academy to help women like you to have more health, joy, and peace… 

Self Care Ain't About Bubble Baths

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not here to tell you to take more bubble baths, or to buy yourself a new sweater. That’s just superficial self care. I’m talking about something WAY bigger. There’s an entire universe of magic right under your nose, and it can only be accessed through making the changes you know you need to make. I’m here to help you make those changes.

There’s self care, and there’s Self Care, with a capital S! 

Most of us aren’t taught about how to take Deep Care of the Ourselves. From the basic things like eating food that truly nourishes our body, to the more complex like how to break old habits…none of this is taught in school. 

Self Care Academy is a place where you can start to untangle the knots of your inner and outer world, and finally feel free. 

Life Is An Adventure

My boy Samson, Photobombing this fancy "about me" pic.

I believe Life Is An Amazing Adventure. And because life is an adventure, I want it to FEEL like one. So I live in a way that makes me feel good! I didn’t always believe life is an adventure, but once I chose this way of living, there was no going back.

If you believed Your Life is An Amazing Adventure, what would you be doing differently?

What I started doing differently was letting go of worry and anxiety. Letting go of my addiction to stress. Letting go of anything that held me back from feeling the beauty of life. I still let go every day. And letting go gives me space to take care of myself and the people I love. Yoga & Meditation are my favorite tools for letting go.

Another important part of my life is using my body as a vehicle to express my soul. That’s where healthy eating and movement come in! I know it sounds ridiculous and over the top to connect the food you eat with your soul, but nutrition and movement are spiritual practices. Autoimmune Paleo is my preferred way of eating, and intuitive movement of all kinds is my preferred mode of exercise. 

I love sharing how to eat beautiful food & move because the simple act of nourishing yourself is a doorway to joy.  That’s why  I created the Self Care Academy.

Things I'm Proud of

upward dog

I’ve struggled with autoimmune issues, depression, anxiety, and other things I won’t bore you with. But when I say I’m grateful for all of this, I mean it! This path has been blessings in my life, leading me to learn the magic of Deep Self Care, as well as the desire to share Self Care with you.

The things I’ve learned about how to eat, move, think, and be in this world are priceless diamonds I’m eager to share. Being able to share these precious treasures is a gift. If anything I offer is of value to you, I have done my job!

I’ve been a trainer and nutrition consultant for 18 years, a meditation teacher for four, and a yoga teacher for two. I’m passionate about learning, and have collected many certifications over the years. Some of the recent ones I’m excited about are Applied Polyvagal Theory for Yoga and Somatic Stress Release. I’ve trained with many wellness organizations, including Precision Nutrition, the CHECK Institute, NASM, and am registered with Yoga Alliance.

I’m proud of many things in my life, certifications and worldly accomplishments included. But nothing has brought me more pride than the following achievement :

I Take Deep Care of My Entire Being, on Every Level, and Teach Others How To Do The Same. 

This one achievement has given me the ability to love deeper, to give more, to ask better questions, and to truly show up for those around me.  

Self Care will change you life, too. If you have anything you want to change in your life, know that Self Care is your first step.  You deserve a life you love, and you deserve to love Your Self!

Samson, the main attraction as usual. I'm the blurry afterthought in the back.

And lastly, here are some of my beliefs. Feel free to adopt these for yourself

1. Basic healthy cooking is magic for your life.
2. Your body is your friend. It supports you, and give you the ability to do what you love. Love your body.
3. Meditation is the ultimate medicine. For Anything. Here’s a guided meditation that I love. 
4. Planning is a source of freedom, and leads to greater awareness in your life. Here’s my free planner.
5. Self Care is the answer you seek. It’s the answer we all seek. That feeling of having made it is available right now. You’ve made it. You’ve arrived. Allow the joy of knowing this!

Much Love,

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