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Break Free From Bad Habits & Patterns


Start Living a Life You Love

Welcome to The School of Transformation

What's Inside

Crafted to deliver remarkable results in your life

Live Weekly Coaching

Live Weekly Meeting To Support Your Breakthrough

  • Sessions with Brenda usually start at $250, but you’ll get access to multiple sessions per week at a fraction of the cost
  • Regular hot seats featuring in depth one-on-one sessions for members
  • Group sessions to help you solve your problems, and keep you accountable
  • Community meetings to share and connect with women supporting you on the path
  • Pssst…don’t worry. You don’t ever have to be on camera if you don’t want to. You’ll still get all the support and guidance you need without having to be on screen.

Course Catalog Access

Over $3k Worth of Courses To Transform Your Body, Mind, & Spirit

  • Total Transformation Program – For creating deep change on a spiritual, physical, and psychological level.
  • 30 Day Lean Reset – For getting phenomenal fat loss results in a healthy and balanced way
  • Polishing the Mirror – A meditation course to help you feel more peaceful, balanced, and joyful
  • Healing With Food – For healing inflammation and getting free from physical symptoms that inflammation causes
  • Plus more!

Monthly Events & Workshops

Month-Long Programs and Special Events to Elevate You. Here are some past events

  • Overcoming Overeating – A popular workshop to release the patterns that cause overeating, involving a real-time eating practice
  • Master Your Mind – A month-long program to help you to master your mind, which leads to improved health, better relationships, and emotional balance.
  • Freedom From Fear – A month of releasing the energy of fear, using physical and spiritual practices to feel total peace and power
  • Special Guests – Special guests who teach body, mind, & spirit practices to add to further your progress
  • Meditation Lessons – To help you finally become a meditator and something you actually look forward to!

Full Replay Access

Live Replays to The Entire Live Session Archives

  • View all past workshops, including Overcoming Overeating replays as well as the Undieting workshop
  • View all past live sessions, including the entire archive since opening day. 
  • Can’t make a session? No problem. You can catch the replay in the archives!

Plus a Community You'll Love

Look No Further. You Have Found Your People.

An Entire Community to Lift You Up

This is a Community of Incredible Who Will Support Your Growth

  • An environment of like-minded women to help you stay on track with your goals
  • In a tranquil, ad-free, private community space that is NOT on facebook
  • Clean design, and simple to use.
  • A community that  integrates perfectly with your calendars
  • Super simple RSVP features help you to never miss a live event that interests you
  • You get your own inbox so you can connect directly with other members

Member Love

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Joining the School of Transformation has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. Brenda has so much knowledge to share and provides so many great resources. I highly recommend this community.

– Joy

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The amount of wisdom poured into this community is unlike any other community I’ve been a part of. She holds nothing back in her membership. 10/10 recommend.

– Christina

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This has been a place that has given me the gift of space to find my inner voice and courage to make the changes I need to make for myself and provides the support I need along the way. Thank you, Brenda

– Sarah

Hey! I'm Brenda,
Your Supportive Teacher & Coach

In 2016 I experienced the beginning of a spiritual awakening, which unfolded into a journey of growth and change. That journey is ongoing. Over the years, I’ve learned powerful tools and techniques from teachers of all kinds, as well as from my own direct experiences.

I’m passionate about supporting women like you who are in a growing and elevating phase of life, and who are letting go of the small self to live a life that feels incredible.

Here are a few of the trainings I draw from, and bring into the community.


  • Meditation techniques I learned training with Dr. Richard Miller & Stefanie Lopez from the iRest Institute
  • Releasing stored trauma with techniques I learned training with Dr. Scott Lyons and Dr. Peter Levine of Embody Labs
  • Yoga & Yoga Nidra I learned from Pedro Aumkar in Peru, as well as Christina Bolinger and others
  • Body practices for health, fitness, & fat loss I learned from the C.H.E.C.K institute, and the work of Paul Check
  • Intuitive work I learned from training with Suzanne Geisemann

You’ll be getting the life-changing benefits of these practices that are woven into the courses, and the community events. 

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$4k Monthly Value...for less than $3/day

MONTHLY PLAN - $59/Month


annual plan - $39/Month


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The School of Transformation is not only affordable, but flexible. 

I’m confident you’ll love it here, but if life happens and you need to cancel, you can do so directly in the member portal. And as always, if you need any help, you can send an email to!

Your experience here is my number one priority. That includes your experience with any refunds, should you need one.

That’s why if you’re not satisfied within 14 days of your initial purchase, you can send an email to, and a refund will be issued. Keep in mind that refunds typically take 3-5 business days to process once issued.

You are free to cancel your membership at any time, but due to the nature of the content & services being delivered, refunds are not issued past the 14 day mark. 

Also, due to rules of our payment processor, we are unable to process refunds exceeding 30 days from purchase.

No worries! All events & live sessions are recorded, and placed in the member portal.

And if you have any questions you want answered during a live session you can’t attend, you can always submit your questions in the community area beforehand.

The School of Transformation has its very own membership portal (not on Facebook). Within the membership portal, we’ll be using Zoom.

There’s also an incredible members forum, where you can engage with other growth-minded individuals any time you want.
The live sessions happen Wednesdays at 12:30 CST, and additional bonus sessions are announced in the member portal. Bonus sessions typically occur twice a month, with adequate notice.

And don’t worry. The schedule is posted in the member portal, and email reminders are sent beforehand.

Because this experience is intended to harmonize Body, Mind, & Spirit, the benefits you’ll experience are unique to you, but will likely include:

  • A dissolution of old habits
  • Improved mood as a result of mental and spiritual practice
  • Healthier eating patterns
  • Better overall health
  • Greater clarity in life
  • Increased self-esteem
  • A healthier relationship with your body & sense of self
  • A sense of peace & well being

The nature of body, mind, & spirit harmonization is such that  results will be as unique as you are, and you will likely experience benefits that can’t be predicted by anyone (myself included).

The School of Transformation is not subscribed to,  nor endorsing  any one religion. 

The “spiritual” work we do is focused on the practical applications of connecting with one’s Self. This involves meditation, presence practices, movement practices like yoga, compassion practices, mindfulness, releasing judgement of others, and more. 

All religions are truly loved and respected here, and we may use various sacred scripture (Vedic, Christian, Buddhist etc)  from time to time as pointers. But ultimately, our focus is the direct experience of our own divine nature through real-world spiritual practices. 

The work done here will not interfere with any current religious beliefs, nor impose new ones on those who have no interest in religion.

After twenty years in health & fitness, I’m here to tell you that weight loss is about 90% mental, emotional, & spiritual. 

If you’ve struggled with weight loss more than a few times in your life, it’s likely time to incorporate deeper self care practices. Weight loss is not a diet issue…it’s a body, mind, spirit issue. And that’s what we focus on here. 

Each membership includes access to the entire course catalog, that has courses designed for weight loss. But in addition to courses, you’ll be supported in building a deep connection with your Self, and learning how to hold yourself in presence. 

Through the inner and outer work offered here, you will likely notice better results than solely focusing on diet alone. 

Take The First Step of Your New Journey

Join The School of Transformation

MONTHLY PLAN - $59/Month


annual plan - $39/Month