Letting Go Will Solve Any Problem

Whatever issue you’re facing, letting go is the solution. Another word for this is “surrender”. 

We typically wrestle with situations, pick at them, ruminate on them, struggle with them, obsess about them, complaim about them, worry, and everything under the sun except to let go. And the payoff for the struggle and rumination? Some new grey hairs and the same situation that won’t seem to budge. 

There’s another way. We can drop the whole thing and watch magic happen. How? By letting it go. 

To let go means to stop resisting and resenting the feelings you’re carrying about the situation, and stop clinging to needing a certain outcome to occur. 

 Your resistance to and suppression of emotions causes inner turmoil, health issues, and keeps the situation “locked” in place. Even if the situation resolves, situations just like it will keep popping up. Why? You will continue to draw things in that confirm this emotion/energy you’re carrying around. As within, so without.

How Does This Work?

This works on many levels, from the law of attraction to plain old confirmation bias. From the woo-woo all the way down to the practical, your suppressed energies are the problem…not the outside world. 

On the most practical level, the energies you’re suppressing become become part of your identity. You “feel” yoursef to be a certain type of person; fearful, frustrated, depressed etc. And the choices you make align with this feeling. You can never outhink your “energetic and emotional identity”. 

We could spend an entire lifetime trying to play whack-a-mole with ourselves and our life situations. Going to shamans, healers and sages, therapists, retreats and so on. Or we can just go straight to the root and yank it out once and for all. AKA we can Let Go & Surrender. 

This is not giving up. Quite the contrary. When you let go, you’re choosing to release this issue, and make space for peace and equanimity to work in your life. That’s when shifts can start to happen. That’s when solutions can finally come.

This is the simple act of allowing whatever emotions are present to be felt, without wanting to change them or fix them. Fully feeling them and welcoming them as you would a precious friend. Then, asking “would I be willing to let this go?” Whatever IT is. 

The Letting Go Technique

  1. Let go of thinking. Ignore your thoughts. Don’t believe your thoughts. Most thoughts are negative and pointless, espesically when we’re in resistance.
  2. Go into the feeling. Let the feeling that’s happening be there. Don’t try to change it or fix it.
  3. Notice the sensations happening in your body, and be fully accept any sensations. Welcome them with and inner openness.
  4. Notice where you’re resisting, and let go of that resistance.
  5. After fully allowing the feeling to be felt, ask “Am I willing to let this go?” or “Could I let this go?”
  6. Continue doing this throughout the day/week/month. This is housekeeping for your inner world. This is how you make real changes. This is how solutions can finally flow.

You can let go of anything. You can let go of:

  • Worrying about “it”
  • Anger and resentment
  • Resenting the past
  • Greif
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • A certain persistent problem

It doesn’t matter what your “it” is. The key is to stop resisting the feeling, let yourself fully feel the feeling with open arms, and then let go of whatever you’re ready to let go of. 

This sounds ridiculously simple, but this technique has singlehandedly helped me to eliminate 

  • Clinical depression (8 years free of it)
  • Autoimmune symptoms (most of the time I’m in remission)
  • Anxiety (most of the time, I just have tons of energy )
  • Getting sick (I haven’t had a single sniffle since 2020, and hardly at all before that)
  • General resentment towards life (I used to carry so much judgement towards myself and the world)

I could go on, but you get the idea. Letting go has done incredible things for my body, mind, & spirit. 

I laid out the technique for you above, but I highly recommend you read the book Letting Go by Dr. David Hawkins. There are many books on the topic of emotional and energetic releasing, but this one is very concise. 

Cheers to Letting Go!


P.S. If you want to practice releasing in real time, my community, The School of Transformation practices letting go on a regular basis in our monthly Releasing Sessions. If you’re ready to experience radical shifts in your body, mind, and spirit, join The School of Transformation today.


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