The Best & Worst of Law of Attraction

There are many laws within the universe, and one of those is the law of attraction. The law of attraction states “You draw to you that which you focus on”. This law was popularized by Rhonda Byrne’s book & movie, The Secret. It became part of popular culture, and is now in the mainstream. It has also greatly misunderstood and misused. 

The Worst of The Law of Attraction

At its worst, the law of attraction has become a way to “manifest anything you want”, using a spiritual truth to amplify the consumer-based culture we live in. It has become a way to amplify materialism in a culture that sees money and success as the penultimate. Instagram feeds are full of “manifestinistas” who have “perfected the art of manifesting money and designer bags and, like, the cutest pink porche.” 

There’s nothing wrong with money, or designer bags, or pink porches. However, seeing these as the big shiny finish line to feeling a sense of completion, wholeness, or satisfcation in life is where things go sideways. We live in a society that believes that money, opulence, and glamour bring a sense of wholeness and completeness once they’re attained. In truth, these things are mirages that can never and will never bring a sense of wholeness and completeness. 

For the sake of this article, I’ve named the mainstream take on the law of attraction “Pop Culture Law of Attraction”.

The false premises of pop-culture Law of Attraction

  • The manifestation is the end goal (the money, partner, home, job etc)
  • Once I get said manifestation, I will feel complete
  • Materialism brings joy (many will deny they believe this, yet live as if it were their north star)
  • My small mind knows what I truly want
  • To transform my life, I need to make things look different on the outside
  • If I don’t get what I want, I can’t enjoy my life

Inherent in the human experience is the feeling of separation. We will all experience a feeling of incompleteness. Of something feeling…not quite right. And many of us assume that feeling is because we don’t have enough of this or that. It’s the low hanging fruit. It’s the easiest thing for the mind to target. But that feeling has nothing to do with the material possesions you do or don’t have.

That feeling of separation stems from a disconnection from our soul. You don’t yet know, experientially, who and what you truly are.

This sounds unbelievable to most. And there’s no denying that money does grease the wheels in this world. There’s no denying that a happy partnership does feel fantastic. There’s no denying that a beautiful home is a something special to have…for a short time.

But really, the satisfaction and elation at attaining anything material in this life is so short lived. Matrialism is not the answer. If it was, celebrities wouldn’t commit suicide or struggle with drug addiction. Prince wouldn’t have died from overdose, nor Marylin Monroe, or Jimmy Hendricks, or Michael Jackson. 

If money and material possesions could bring wholeness, Anthony Bourdain wouldn’t have committed suicide, nor Kate Spade, nor Chris Farley, and on and on. Money does not bring wholeness. Fame does not bring wholness. Opulance does not bring wholness. The pop-culture version of Law of Attraction operates from the assumption that materialism can and will solve everything. In truth, materialism solves nothing.

Wholeness is right here. Wholeness is right now. That is the only place and the only time you will ever experience wholeness. Wholeness is wealth. Wholeness is health. Wholness is love. Those celebrities already had it. And so do you.

The Best Use of The Law of Attraction

The only way to feel a sense of completeness, wealth, health, love and joy is to realize you already are those things. You are already wealthy, healthy, loved, and joyful. You have the fullness of the entire universe within you. You already are whole and complete. You just don’t know any of this yet. This is where the law of attraction can actually be used in a high way.

The Deep Truths of The Law of Attraction 

  • Deeper connection with your soul is the end goal…the manifestations are the icing on the cake
  • I feel complete within myself, and manifestations usually come as a result. If they don’t I’m fine with it because I am complete within myself. 
  • Only a deep connection with my soul can bring me joy. My world is a reflection of that joy.
  • My ego has no idea what my soul wants. I only follow the callings of my soul
  • To transform my life, I must transform from the inside out
  • I enjoy my life, and what life gives me as a result is always beautiful
  • Spiritual connection reings supreme, and simplifies the manifestation of favorable outcomes


If your outer world doesn’t reflect the highest truths of who and what you are, that is evidence that you have some releasing to do. To be clear, the law of attraction is always at play. You need only take a look at what’s happening in your life to get clarity on what you believe, and to understand what programs you’re allowing to run your life. 

Best Use of LOA in Action

For instance, if financial struggle is a consistent pattern for you, you might believe that you aren’t worthy of having the security and ease of finiancial stability. You might also believe that money is terrible, annoying, frustrating and so on. Your outer experience of money is reflecting and attracting financial struggle to you. You have been using the law of attraction in this situation from a lower vibration, and your negative patterns have been running the program.

In this case, we can choose to use the law of attraction deliberatley and mindfully. And more importantly we can choose to use this as an opportunity to clean our inner house. We can use this as an opportunity to dircet the mind on what we choose to believe, what we choose to focus on, and what we choose to invite into our lives.

“How is that any different from the way law of attraction and manifestation is taught by anyone else?” The answer: Aim and Intention.

If we use the Law of Attraction with the aim and intention of self-discovery, releasing old patterns, and getting to a state of deeper connection with our souls, we are using this beautiful law in the highest way possible.

“If we use the Law of Attraction with the aim and intention of self-discovery, releasing old patterns, and getting to a state of deeper connection with our souls, we are using this beautiful law in the highest way possible.”

You can manifest all the money you want, and it still wouldn’t solve the root of the issue. You’d still have patterns and beliefs of inadequacy and unworthiness. Any money you draw in from a position of “getting $1million to fix myself” will amplify your feeling of being broken. You’ll be worried about losing it, spending it, not making it again and so on. 

However, if we use the situation to release our beliefs, see ourselves in a new way, change how we interact with money, and to truly transform from within, we’ve struck gold! 

To simplifiy, here’s what I believe The Secret and most pop culture law of attraction resources are missing. 

Step 1 – My sole aim is to experience myself as a soul. All the things I authentically desire from my soul are an expression of my highest aspects. I am opening myself to living these out in full.

Step 2 – Any challenges I’m facing can be seen as parts of myself that haven’t yet come into wholness with my soul. There are beliefs I can release here. There are viewpoints I can release here. 

Step 3 – I get what I focus on. If I’m manifesting negativity and struggle, I open myself to focusing on positivity and good. As an epxression of my soul, which is always in harmony, I choose to direct my mind into that state of harmony so that I may live completely from my soul. 

Step 4 – I rejoice in life. I don’t wait for certain external circumstances to feel joy. Joy can only live in the here and now. I rejoice in life.

Step 5 – I go beyond what my mind “knows” and live honestly. I follow my heart and soul, and do so without expectation of the fruits. The fruits will come, and I will appreciate them, but they are not my chief aim. My cheif aim is to live from my heart and soul.

You already are that. You already have it all. The law of attraction is the practicing ground for going beyond ideas and concepts, and actually experiencing the magnificence of it all. And if, in the process, you happen to manifest a great parking spot or a fairytale romance, or a fat bank account, enjoy it. Celebrate it. That’s part of this grand journey too. 




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