How to Be an Empowered Empath

An empath is an individual who was born with an awareness of the unseen, as well as a heightened level of sensitivity in every sense. The terms highly sensitive person and empath can be used interchangeably. 

Nature makes no mistakes. Every blade of grass, every seed, and every bit of DNA is all purposeful. The empaths born into this world are not born coincidentally. They play a perfect part in this divine dance of form called “life”. Empaths bring balance to the material world, and if it weren’t for empaths, the world as we know it would have disintegrated a long time ago. 

There is a misconception that empaths are weak, sickly, overly sensitive wimps. The truth is, the best this world has to offer is entirely thanks to the gifts of empaths. Teachers like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, and Mother Theresa have each changed the trajectory of millions of lives with their highly sensitive nature. 

Art, music, therapy, environmental conservation, animal welfare, childcare, education, poetry, fashion design, film, yoga, personal development, and all the greatest spiritual traditions throughout history were born from empaths, and are carried on by empaths. 

Empaths are powerful. Empaths are the sane voices in times of insanity. Empaths are the truth teachers, the way showers, and the peace bringers. That is our function, that is our purpose. An all-important purpose, without which, civilization would collapse! That’s how important you are, dear empath. 

Are You An Empath?

If you’re reading this, you probably are. But for certainty’s sake, here’s a quick inventory of some common traits of an empath (HSP).

A Quick Checklist

  • Feeling the emotions of others. When you see others experiencing intense emotions, you feel it as if it’s happening to you. 
  • You feel a connection with animals, have an easy time taking care of them, and animals seems to gravitate to you
  • You are sensitive to smells, fragrances, or chemical odors
  • You are sensitive to various food, and feel your best when eating in a particular way
  • You tend to know things about others without needing information, and you’re usually accurate (she’s a mom, he’s some sort of businessman, she’s anxious, he’s toxic etc)
  • You gravitate towards spiritual teachings and/or sacred scripture, having an inherent understanding of things spiritual in nature
  • You enjoy alone time, quiet time, solitude
  • You feel exhausted after time in large crowds 
  • You enjoy spending time in nature 
  • You are sensitive to medicines, drugs, and alcohol
  • You’ve had mystical experiences, feeling, seeing, understanding, or knowing something indescribable to the human mind
  • You have vivid dreams that seem to communicate meaningful messages to you
  • You enjoy introspection and contemplative practices like journaling, therapy, or any method for processing your emotions
  • You enjoy meditation and meditative movement, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, or other peace practices 



If you answer yes to at least 7, you’re an empath and highly sensitive person. The first step to becoming an empowered empath is discovering your sensitivity!

Many empaths have no idea they’re an empath, instead assuming there’s something “wrong”, or feeling like an alien in this world. Once you understand your energetic system, life starts to make sense, and you’re able to enjoy life from a place of empowerment and clarity.

The Disempowered Empath

 Many empaths struggle to feel capable of thriving in the modern, consumer-culture, materially focused world. The highly sensitive empath can feel overwhelmed on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level with the litany of stimuli that are normalized today. 

The disempowered empath is a person who does not yet honor their unique gifts and superpowers. If you’re an empath raised by people who are not empaths, or who didn’t teach you about your sensitivity, you are likely going against your nature. You’re likely neglecting your own needs. You’re also likely confusing the energy of other people for your own, and lacking energetic boundaries to keep you feeling your best. 

Empaths who haven’t yet learned how to honor their true nature tend to experience the following patterns:

Symptoms of a Disempowered Empath

  • Attracting energetic vampires & narcissists
  • Attracting avoidant partners (there’s that narcissist thing again)
  • Chronic health conditions 
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Disharmonious thoughts or racing thoughts
  • Insomnia
  • Weight problems (carrying the energies of others)
  • Difficulty making choices in life
  • Aimlessness without joy (not to be confused with stretches of joyful surrender)


The Empath’s System 

The highly sensitive person was born with a sensitive system. The nervous system is sensitive, the spiritual awareness is heightened, the bodily senses are sensitive, and the emotional centers are sensitive. These sensitivities allow the HSP to experience the world in a unique way.

We are feeling the emotions of others, sensing the tone of a room, perceiving spiritual insights and truths, and living in a generally heightened state of receptivity. 

These sensitivities allow us to communicate, create, connect, teach, learn, protect, anticipate, empathize, and contribute at exceptional levels. When harnessed and nurtured, our unique gifts give us the opportunity to thrive in this world. 

However, these sensitivities are a double-edged sword that we must learn to respect if we wish to thrive as an HSP. It’s very important to understand that your sensitive superpower means you have certain needs. What’s “normal” for others in this insane world is just not normal for you. 

Becoming an Empowered Empath 

Reject What’s “Normal” 

The very first step an empowered empath must take is to completely reject what the world deems “normal”. You have a unique set of needs that have nothing to do with what most people deem normal nowadays. This means the way other people live has absolutely nothing to do with you, or how you should live. 

It does not matter what’s “normal” for others. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs have nothing whatsoever to do with what is seen as normal by others. 


Highly sensitive persons do best when eating healthy food, and getting enough movement every day. It’s also very important to discharge energy each day through body-based practices like yoga, walking, qi gong, or warm baths. Vigorous exercise can also help discharge excess energy.

An empath who eats an imbalanced diet is more succeptible to chronic illness. It’s difficult to stay anchored in peace if you’re not feeling your best, so pay special attention to what foods nourish you system. 

Some general lifestyle tips that serve most empaths:

  • Limit processed foods
  • Limit sugar
  • Limit drugs and alcohol
  • Limit time around people who drain you
  • Avoid sexual energetic exchanges with partners you don’t love 
  • Get plenty of movement
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Keep your environment clean and serene
  • Wear clothing that makes you feel good


One of my favorite forms of rest is called Yoga Nidra, also known as Sleep Yoga. It’s a passive form of meditation where you lie down and allow your body to completely relax.

Side Note: I offer regular yoga nidra sessions inside my community, The School of Transformation.


Do your best to focus on the positive, and to notice when thoughts are leaning more negative. You have agency and choice in which thoughts you indulge in. As tempting and convincing as the negative and drama-filled thoughts can be, know that lower vibrational thoughts negatively impact your body and energy system. 

As an empath, you are susceptible to receiving not only the energies of others but also their thoughts. This means pay attention to the way you interact with others. It may feel natural to participate in complaining, gossip, or “ain’t it awful” conversations, but doing so creates energetic disharmony in your system.

Our inherent nature is to be joyful, peaceful, and loving. When we go against our nature, we become sick in body and mind. This is why empaths are at risk for depression and anxiety. So many empaths feel a need to connect with others at all costs, and many times we sacrifice our own light in the process. 

Some general mind practices for the empaths:

Mind Practices for Empaths


  • Journal to discharge and process mind chatter
  • Don’t judge your thoughts, simply choose those thoughts that feel the best
  • Be mindful of your thinking and emotions throughout the day
  • Protect your energetic field by surrounding yourself with love and light
  • When dealing with difficult individuals, send love and light to them


The most empowered thing an empath can do is to live in the “I AM”. To experience your wholeness and completeness is an essential part of integrating your gifts into the world. 

This is the antidote to most problems that empaths tend to experience.

One of the most notable trappings a dispempowered empath experiences is the narcissist. Many disempowered empaths attract narcissists and people with high amounts of narcissistic traits. This happens when the empath hasn’t yet established a strong sense of Self. The selfless nature of the empath can leave them without boundaries, and vulnerable to energy vampires.

The disempowered empath also tends to project the good in themselves onto the “blank slate” of the narcissists. Whether it’s with friends, strangers, coworkers, or romantic partners, the disempowered empath tends to give their power and energy to unhealthy relationships.

If this is you, don’t worry! This is a dynamic that can serve as a healing opportunity for the empath. In fact, part of the “life path” for most empaths is learning to love the Self. The direct experience of how painful life is without this Self-love is a light in the darkness.

Once you are SO fed up with the pain of these dynamics, you’ll have no place to go except loving the Self. The beginning of every empowered empath’s journey starts with knowing “I Vow to Never Abandon Myself Again. From Here On Out, I Will Honor, Love, & Protect my Self.”

If you find yourself constantly dealing with energy vampires, narcissists, or people who just don’t seem to care, it’s not “your fault”. It is, however, an energetic dynamic you no longer need to participate in. 

Ways to Abide in I AM

  • Daily meditation & prayer
  • Daily mindfulness practice
  • Regular intervals of mini-meditations throughout the day
  • Spending time alone
  • Doing things you love alone
  • Watching your thoughts
  • Long walks without headphones
  • Taking a road trip alone
  • Allowing yourself to dream big
  • Allowing yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling at all times 
  • Allowing yourself to be exactly as you are at all times, unconditionally accepting of your whole self

The most important takeaway is to listen to your body and start to take action on your intuition. The more you honor your unique needs, the better your life will be. 

Love always,

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