Transform Your

Body, Mind, & Spirit 

If you’ve tried and failed at making the same changes over and over again, it’s time to try something different. 

I’m here to help you get through any challenges you face today, and make magic happen in your body, mind, & spirit. 

If you’re ready to experience a major Transformation, I’m ready to help you through the process.

Find Out

How Good Your Life Can Get

As an intuitive person, I have a keen ability to feel and asses the deeper roots beneath the surface of situations. There is a spiritual, emotional, and physical component to every challenge life gives us. My strength lies in my ability to support women like you to get to the heart of your life situations, and finally heal what needs to be healed.

Most of my clients receive guidance on multiple areas. The mind-body-spirit complex is my specialty, and our work together will likely involve aspects of all three. 

Some of the ways I’d love to support you are:

Brenda is a wealth of knowledge and provided me with lots of ideas and resources. She challenged me to really sit with myself and explore my true mission in life. She encouraged me to find myself spiritually and explore practices that would support me – this helped keep me grounded especially as things got HECTIC with opening a business.

Jennifer Nguyen

One on One


We’ll meet once a week, on zoom or audio phone call (whichever you prefer), and dive into your patterns, what’s holding you back, what you want to create, and how you can train to shift those patterns. We’ll work flexibly, but with commitment and I’ll give you practices/assignments to do between calls – this is where the real change takes place.

You’ll log your progress and actions, and I’ll give you feedback on your log so that you can adjust if needed.

Then we’ll watch as magic unfolds.

I have followed many diets and invested so much time trying to find the perfect fit to take control of my health. I have seen an imporvement in my eating habits, my stress level and body recomposition. Brenda has the ability to connect and empathize, and I truly recommend her!

Carolina Soto

Two MonthTransformation Package
One on One
(3 Spots Available)

This two month, one on one intensive entails weekly work, and ongoing support for the duration of the two month period. Within two months, we will work together to elevate your body, mind, & spirit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your experience is my number one priority. 

If you don’t feel like one on one is a great fit after our first session, you can request a refund and will recieve a full refund from that point. 

Refunds aren’t offered after the first session. 

We will schedule sessions that work for your schedule, and that is done with calendly. 

All of our sessions will take place over Zoom.

Because this experience is intended to harmonize Body, Mind, & Spirit, the benefits you’ll experience are unique to you, but will likely include:

  • A dissolution of old habits
  • Improved mood as a result of mental and spiritual practice
  • Healthier eating patterns
  • Better overall health
  • Greater clarity in life
  • Increased self-esteem
  • A healthier relationship with your body & sense of self
  • A sense of peace & well being

The nature of body, mind, & spirit harmonization is such that  results will be as unique as you are, and you will likely experience benefits that can’t be predicted by anyone (myself included).

After twenty years in health & fitness, I’m here to tell you that weight loss is about 90% mental, emotional, & spiritual. 

If you’ve struggled with weight loss more than a few times in your life, it’s likely time to incorporate deeper self care practices. Weight loss is not a diet issue…it’s a body, mind, spirit issue. And that’s what we focus on.

 You’ll be supported in building a deep connection with your Self, and learning how to hold yourself in presence. 

Through the inner and outer work offered, you will likely notice better results than solely focusing on diet alone. 

The format of each session will vary depending on what’s arising, and what we’re working through. Sessions might include meditation practice, discussions, energy work, and releasing practices. Your own work after the sessions will involve writing, taking copious amounts of action, meditation, and mindfulness practices. Depending on our work together, you may also be changing your dietary habits, letting go of social media and more. Basically, expect the unexcpected.