The Art of High Vibe Scrolling

There’s a new bug going around that I wanted to tell you about. It’s something I call “Content Sickness”, and it’s becoming a huge problem for all of us. 

Content Sickness is the physical and emotional state of unease caused by:

1. Taking in too much content.
2. Taking in low vibration content
3. Taking in content without taking action on what we’re learning

As a millennial, I’m guilty of all three. If you’ve done any of these, you don’t need me to tell you how terrible your mind and body feel afterwards. This has become such a HUGE problem for human beings that I’ve decided to give it a name. Content Sickness.

What Is Content Sickness?

A state of physical and mental unease caused by over-consuming content, consuming low vibration content, or consuming content without taking action on what you’ve learned.

Symptoms include depression, anxiety, restlessness, poor sleep, poor focus, and a withdrawal when content isn’t being consumed.

The symptoms of “Content Sickness” are easy to spot. It comes with an energy of busy-ness, restlessness, and a departure from the present moment. It also comes with a marked state of uncertainty and confusion. When we overload on information, we get tangled up in differing opinions, and don’t know which way to go.

Taking in Too Much

There’s SO MUCH beautiful content out there. But our brains don’t have stomachs. We could just keep consuming and consuming. And if you’re anything like me, it’s easy to say you’re doing this to “learn”. It gives the illusion of being productive.

But if we continually consume without taking action on our newfound knowledge, that creates disharmony. And let’s be honest, at a certain point content consumption is just a distraction.

 I call this “content sickness” because this state of overload creates disharmony that separates us from our peace and quiet. It generates fear & anxiety.  It also separates us from our own wisdom. 

Taking in Low Vibration Content

The content we consume is no different than eating food. It is, quite literally, going into your system, and impacting every cell in your body. To avoid “content sickness”, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the vibration of what you’re consuming.

In today’s episode, I introduce you to the map of consciousness created by Dr. David Hawkins. This was something he developed after his spiritual awakening, and it is a profound tool that can help you measure the vibes of the content you consume. What he discovered was everything in existence calibrates at a certain frequency. Through my own personal experience, I’ve found this to be irrefutable.

The map of consciousness is an excellent tool to measure what ideas we allow into our minds. I like to use it to filter what content I consume. You can find the map of consciousness in Letting Go, and Power vs. Force, as well as Healing and Recovery by Dr. Hawkins.

Take a quick look at the map of consciousness below, and see where some of the content you’re consuming lands. Then get rid of anything that doesn’t calibrate at the level you’re aiming to be at (which is hopefully as high as possible!)

Steps to Avoid Content Sickness

To avoid content sickness, here are some best practices

 1. Consume ONE good piece of content per day, and act on it in your life. 

2. Pick your top five teachers each quarter, and focus primarily on them. Leaving your mind open to the algorithm, and letting the algorithm choose for you is a dangerous game to play.

3. When you hear something that speaks to your heart, don’t take in any content after that. To do so would dilute the magic and energy of the important message you clearly needed to hear that day. Shut off social media, make a note of the magic piece of content you just heard, and decide on how, exactly, you could integrate that into your life. Take action as soon as possible.

4. When you haven’t heard anything useful or valuable in awhile, it’s because you are full of content, and it’s time to integrate what you already know. It’s also time to generate that magic, heart felt “aha” on your own. The flatness you feel from listening to the content of others is your hearts longing for you to make your own magic, and learn your own insights. 

5. Create something of your own. You don’t have to share it. You don’t have to monetize it. You don’t have to worry about it being “good.” Just make something. Write something, paint something, play an instrument, dance, cook. Create create create. 

This approach to content brings us from overwhelm to empowered. From stuck, to clear headed. From uncertain to divinely guided. From a slave to the algorithm to a steward of our lives. 

This is how we use the content. This is how we break free from the content using us. 


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