School of Transformation Podcast – Ep 1

In this first episode of the School of Transformation Podcast, I decided to cover a topic that is very near and dear to my heart: Healing. 

All of us are will go through many healing processes throughout the course of a lifetime. We may need to heal emotional wounds, physical issues, trauma, and even the primal wound of being born in this world haha! Being a human being is a beautiful gift, but it’s also very difficult and comes with burdens and challenges. 

I didn’t realize I was on a “journey of healing” until being healed of so many issues. Looking back, I can see my entire adult life has been a journey of healing. It’s also very clear to me that all of us will face this journey at one time or another. 

What I Know to Be True

One of the most important aspects of the human experience is sharing and helping. In this first episode, I hope to convey the truth to you. The truth is that you are not alone in your healing process. You are not alone in life. We are all healing together. That is one of the many beautiful aspects of this wild ride called life. 

I believe that healing is inevitable for all of us. We will all experience some form of healing throughout our lifetime, usually many times over. We will all experience a dissolution of a painful emotion. We will all be carried through things that feel impossible, and come out of the other side. 

But there are some things that seem to stick around, that seem to never heal. There are some things that we might face that “we’ve done everything” to fix, yet no progress seems to happen. In this first episode, I dive into healing these things. 

After spending many years suffering from depression, anxiety, and autoimmune issues, I’ve become well acquainted with the deep fractures that can happen to a body-mind. I’ve also become well acquainted with healing, and the Transformation that takes place in the process. 

Episode Highlights

  • My personal history with depression and anxiety
  • My diagnosis of Alopecia Areata and Lupus
  • How I put them into remission (without pills or western medicine)
  • The spiritual paradigms that are universally healing
  • My favorite resources and teachers for healing


A Word on Western Medicine

And just to clarify, I am not against western medicine. It has its place. I just don’t believe that doctors can cure or heal diseases. Doctors can certainly treat diseases with pain management, but I truly believe that healing is something only God/The Universe is capable of doing through us. And I also believe that when we create optimal environments in our bodies, minds, and spirits, we give ourselves the best chance at true healing. This means healthy diet, movement, and mindset practices. 

And a big heads up…I realize much of this will sound “woo woo” to many of you. And that’s ok. I’m here to share what has healed and helped me. And part of what has healed me is fully embracing and living the things I know to be true, and sharing those things with anyone who may need to hear it. If any of this doesn’t resonate with you, it wasn’t meant for you.

I am now on a journey of learning through joy. And it brings me great joy to share everything I’ve learned so far with you. 

I too look forward to creating and sharing on this new podcast! 

Love always,

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Resources from this episode

Letting Go by Dr. David Hawkins
Healing & Recovery by Dr. David Hawkins
The Bhagavad Gita – Ecknath Easwaran translation
The Upanishads – Ecknath Easwaran translation
The Dhamapada – Ecknath Easwaran translation

Teachers mentioned in today’s episode

Thich Nhat Hanh
Eckhart Tolle
Michael Singer
Dr. David Hawkins


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