A Checklist for Inner Peace


I know it seems silly to have a checklist for feeling peaceful, but there are times when you might forget. Just like you can never have too much health, or too much prosperity, you can never have too much peace. Peace is, in my mind, the only thing that truly matters in life. Any other virtue is made colorless without the foundation of peace to hold it up. 

Love without peace is toxic. Money without peace is stressful. Achievement without peace is empty. Adventure without peace is fruitless. Bottom line, if you have peace, you enjoy your life and everything in it.

 I’ve forgotten how to be peaceful many times. I’ve actually forgotten for years at a time! Most of my adult life had been jam packed with inner and outer drama, anxiety, depression, and self induced stress. Eventually all this disharmony caught up with me, and it eroded my health and life. When peace isn’t a priority, life will sit you down one way or another, and will show you why you should make it a priority. Some people listen, and choose peace. 

You might forget how to be peaceful sometimes. And that’s ok. That’s part of the human experience. A great thing is that you get a brand new moment every second, and a chance to remember peace, and to live from peace as much as you can. 

What is peace? Peace is a physical and mental state of non-resistance, and your most natural and healthy state. 

Here is a list of things that foster peace. It is my list, made more for myself, but the contents are universal. 

  1. Sit in Silence 
  2. Feel your emotions. It’s the only way past them.
  3. Move your body
  4. Unplug. All the time.
  5. Get in nature. As often as you can.
  6. Let go of resistance
  7. Listen to your instincts
  8. Do what you know needs to be done
  9. Do nothing
  10. Pray, and then let it go
  11. Don’t believe your thoughts
  12. Don’t resist your thoughts
  13. Don’t let your thoughts overrun your life
  14. Quit all complaining
  15. Give your  undivided attention to each person you speak to
  16. Give your undivided attention to anything beautiful
  17. Ask the right questions
  18. Know there is nothing outside of you that can bring you true happiness
  19. Know that true happiness is only attained through connection to the All That Is, the I Am, the Soul. 
  20. Take time to cook healthy food
  21. Take the time to taste what you cook, without needless distractions or stressors.
  22. Take time to relax 
  23. Walk mindfully
  24. Clean mindfully
  25. Get rid of material objects that you don’’t enjoy anymore. Be ruthless in this.
  26. Enjoy healthy relationships. Do not put this off.
  27. End disharmonious relationships. Do not put this off.
  28. Know the past does not exist
  29. Know the future does not exist
  30. Know that all “problems” are temporary
  31. Be exactly who you are
  32. Be ok if you currently don’t know who you are
  33. Do what you want to do
  34. Be ok if you currently don’t know what you want to do.

Know that the more you choose peace, the more peace you will have in life.
There is nothing more important than peace.

Much Love,



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