How to Eat Like a Human

If you want to be healthy, eat like a human. The truth is so simple that most people skim right past it and keep searching for different methods. You can stop your searching, counting, dieting, and all the other methods. I’m here to solve this mystery for you once and for all, and make it as simple as possible. 

Humans are animals on this planet, just like squirrels, dogs, birds, you name it. We have language centers, and varying degrees of self awareness, of course. But make no mistake about it, you are an animal.

Of all the animals that exist on this planet, we are the only ones who count calories & macros. We are the only ones who eat junk-stuff “in moderation”.  We are the only ones who are unsure about what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat and so on. 

Humans are also the only animals who suffer from various diseases caused by eating food that isn’t species appropriate. From anxiety, depression, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even just run of the mill misery with life. That last one is a biggie. Our society has normalized a general “blah” feeling that could be lessened or eliminated completely with the adoption of Eating Like a Human.

Why Are We So Confused?

To begin Eating Like a Human, it’s important you understand why this confusion exists in the first place. That way, you can avoid these pitfalls of confusion for yourself, and maintain your path of self care.

1. We’ve lost touch with our Primal Senses

Most people spend hours sitting indoors, in front of screens. Or in their car. Or in their homes, in front of screens. All of this leads to being in thinking mode. This detaches us from our bodies, and we lose touch with what our bodies need.

When you’re out of tune with your body, your mind is running the show. Then you’re eating based off of your mind. Your mind thrives off of fun, interesting, pleasure foods. Your body will almost never lead you to the same foods that your mind will.

To regain your connection with your body, do these things every day

  • Get outside
  • Get sunshine & fresh air
  • Move your body, do activities you enjoy
  • Take a walk without headphones
  • Feel into your body
  • Build a relationship with your body by noticing inner sensations

2. The world is full of junk food. This distracts from true food.

Grocery stores & restaurants are like giant jungles of junk food. There’s so much junk all around us that it seems normal. When we’re surrounded by this stuff, it feels ok to have “just a little”, and then it becomes part of your lifestyle.

  • Reframing your favorite junky foods as non-foods.
  • Notice food advertising, and the lack of ads for vegetables
  • If it’s not from nature, it’s not real food.
  • Mindfully grocery shop and order off of menus. Don’t get nabbed by ads or fancy meal titles. If it’s not from the earth, it’s not real food.

3. The health & fitness industry has overcomplicated things

We live in the information age. This overflow of information has overcomplicated the simple foundations of nutrition. From counting every bite, tracking everything in apps, to vegan, macrobiotic, carnivore, low calorie, high calorie, low carb, high carb, fruitarians and so on.

It’s fantastic that healthy eating has seeped into the mainstream. But 99.9% of people can just stick to some basic foundational truths and attain great health. More importantly, getting in touch with your body, and living in harmony with life will support your health, and guide you to eating exactly what your body needs.

Part of the reason I stepped away from YouTube was because I felt the essential simplicity of nourishment was getting lost in the sea of noise. I know in my bones that nutrition is a simple, sacred practice, that has unfortunately been commercialized. In coming back, I hope to share my simple viewpoints on nutrition, and inspire others to go within and listen to their own bodies.

Eating is simple. Nutrition is simple. Eat things that are healthy for your body, that you enjoy eating, and that make you feel good.

The earth gives you everything you need for health, happiness, and peace of mind. You don’t need a “diet”, and you certainly don’t need to count or track every bite of food you eat. You also don’t need to think about eating or worry about it when you’re not eating. In fact, let go of all worry, especially about food.

Just eat whole foods from nature, and let your body take care of the rest!

4. Aesthetics is glamorized. Nourishment gets the back burner

If you want to attain a “killer physique”, one step to get you there is deleting instagram. Using a fitness model on instagram as a North Star for your personal health goals could be hindering the key to your best physique: inward focus.

There is no diet or exercise program that will outperform inward focus. It is my 100% guarantee to you. If you focus inward, unplug from distractions, and get in touch with your body, you will start to connect with the perfect diet for you.

Focusing on aesthetics is fine if that’s what motivates you. But good aesthetics does not always equal good mental or physical health. Focusing on vibrant health, however, will always equal better aesthetics and mental health!

Let go of aesthetics and focus on health and vitality.  Your body will look better than ever when you turn your attention inward, and get connected with your body. Connect with every cell of your body

The Simple Tenants of Eating Like a Human

5 Tenants of Eating Like a Human

1. Listen to your body. Notice how foods make you feel, and only eat those that make you feel great.

2. Eat Whole Foods as often as Possible

3. Eat mostly vegetable, fruits, and proteins, and anything else from the earth

4. Carbs are fuel. Use that fuel with some form of movement

5. If you eat grains, eat them whole. Not processed (ie bread, cereal etc)

Putting it into practice

These principles aren’t anything new, but that’s exactly why they’re ignored. We hear these things so often, it feels like we already know it.

Today, approach your eating with a beginner’s mind. Act as if you’ve never heard any of these principles, and start implementing them to the best of your ability. Use all of your senses when you’re choosing your food. Use your instincts and intuition. Use your greater wisdom, that is inherent in human DNA.

  • When you grocery shop, take your headphones out and pay attention to your body’s reaction to the foods you’re grabbing.
  • When you eat, pay attention to the flavors and textures of your food.
  • When you’re hungry, pay attention to the deeper energy of your hunger, and be open to seeing if you can sense what your body needs.
  • Most of all, eat for nourishment as much as for pleasure.

You deserve to live a life that feels good. You deserve to feel healthy and vibrant. 

Let go of anything that gets in the way of your joy. Junk food included.

Much Love,


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